Saturday, July 11, 2009

Centro móvil de transmisión del conocimiento

Mobile know-how center to bring and share knowdlegde between companies and professionals in a fully different format, to know more about send me your email I will keep you update and as soon as the new facebook platform is ready I will keep you update.

The companies that participated and made this idea possible were;;;;; willing to receive more updates?

El centro móvil de transmisiónd e conocimiento entre empresas y profesionales , para mas info pasarme un mail y os mantengo al día para que podaís participar, tan pronto como nuestra plataforma en facebook esté preparada os añado.



  1. Hi Noe. I am following your blog and ideas and I have to say that you just stop just in the most interesting. Why? What a source of busines imagination. Continue.

  2. That is sweat thanks, gosh i had such a busy week!