Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Businessperson finder

You are in Greece or in China or... anywhere, and your client don´t know exactly where are you are moreover you are unable tell him. The new applications like GPS tracker could be of use. Many transport companies have them. And it has lots of other utilities too but in the case of sporadic uses makes no sense to buy a GPS tracker server. There is an opportunity for a company to provide a GPS tracker for one single use. The client that can not find you, enters your phone number on the web, his credit car details and get exact location of where you are. You are safe! What if you don´t want to be found ... to ensure privacy then hopefully a system similar to the bluetooth off could be used. Great for kids! You can´t find your son. You connect with your mobile to that same web page, credit car and you have him back.

Traducción este fin de semana! sorry retraso